Terminal Scooter Club is a club for scooter enthusiasts in Atlanta, GA and one of the largest scooter clubs in the southeastern USA. We lead group scooter rides, organize scooter rallies, promote safe riding and more! Our membership is private, though most of our events are open to all. If you’re an Atlanta-area scooterist and are interested in joining the club, we suggest you begin by attending some of our events first. We induct new members twice a year (in January and in July).

Terminal Scooter Club began in 2007 when we (a bunch of Atlanta-area scooterists who knew each other through Scootlanta) suggested putting together an emergency contact list. As we were unaffiliated with any clubs at the time, we felt “the list” would provide us with a safety net in the event we needed mechanical assistance or needed other emergency help. As the list grew—and as we struggled with what to call ourselves (some early ideas were “The Tow-Strokes Emergency Contact List,” “The Metrics Emergency Contact List” and “The rATLers Emergency Contact List”—someone raised the question, “Well, why don’t we just call it a scooter club?” And a legend was born. “Terminal Scooter Club” found its namesake in the original name for the city of Atlanta, Terminus. Likewise, our motto veho ut terminus is Latin for “ride to the end of the line.”